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Freestanding Banners
Transfer Prints and Thru-Prints Our freestanding banners are created using either of two classes of material.

Transfer Prints are created from heavier weight materials including Satin, Poplin and Poly Duck. These materials are relatively opaque in nature, and result in minimal image show-through to the back side of the material.
Maximum height: 52” before paneling.

Thru-Prints are created from lighter weight materials including 250 Denier, Taffeta, and Flag Knit. These materials are translucent in nature and allow ink to penetrate through the material, resulting in a reverse read image on the back side.
Maximum height: 52” before paneling.

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Set-up Charges
Start by choosing your set-up charges. Our fee is $60 for the first image and $20 for each additional image. For example if your are ordering three banners, you would need to add a $60 set-up for the first banner plus two $20 set-ups for the other two banners. Thus your total set-up charges would be $100.   

Product Name Price Buy Now
$60 Set-up Charge first $60.00
$20 Set-up Charge ea. additional $20.00

Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print Pricing
Select a size below, then choose from the list of available options.

Product Name Price Buy Now
4'x2' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $82.00
4'x3' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $120.00
4'x4' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $159.00
4'x8' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $313.00
5'x2' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $115.00
5'x3' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $148.00
5'x4' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $194.00
5'x8' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $401.00
6'x2' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $137.00
6'x3' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $174.00
6'x4' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $229.00
6'x8' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $474.00
8'x2' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $179.00
8'x3' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $228.00
8'x4' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $299.00
8'x8' Freestanding Banner - Transfer Print $620.00

Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print Pricing
Select a size below then choose from the list of available options.

Product Name Price Buy Now
4'x2' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $72.00
4'x3' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $105.00
4'x4' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $139.00
4'x8' Freestanding Banner -Thru-Print $273.00
5'x2' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $90.00
5'x3' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $123.00
5'x4' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $169.00
5'x8' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $351.00
6'x2' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $107.00
6'x3' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $144.00
6'x4' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $199.00
6'x8' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $414.00
8'x2' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $139.00
8'x3' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $188.00
8'x4' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $259.00
8'x8' Freestanding Banner - Thru-Print $540.00

Reverse read images may seem odd to comprehend at first. However, our brains have the natural ability to transpose such images making them interpretable.

Finishing Options
Our banners are digitally printed from client provided artwork in full color over one side. For two-sided banners, call for pricing.

Standard finish: Includes 3" pole pockets top and bottom and hot knife sides.
Deluxe finish:
Includes 3" pole pockets top and bottom and rolled side hems.

Special Note:
These banners have been designed to work with the popular dowel & pocket type of banner stands detailed on our Freestanding Banner Stands page.

We understand that there are numerous types of banner stands and that the above finishing specifications may not exactly fit your needs so please consider your exact size and finishing requirements and advise us of any necessary adjustments that need to be made.

Fabric Banners in Retractable Banner Stands
Fabric banners are the ultimate solution for retractable banner stands. Unlike vinyl and laminated photo prints, fabric banners are supple and will not curl, tunnel or crack following long storage periods rolled up in a cartridge.




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Set-Up Thru-Print - Addl. Image
Set-Up Thru-Print - Addl. Image
01.6'x3' Freestanding Transfer Print
02.5'x4' Freestanding Transfer Print

  Thursday 23 March, 2017